Veritas Academy welcomes students to start and finish their primary education in this learning community. Below you will find all the necessary forms, information, and timeline for returning students.

Required Forms and Helpful Information:

2019-2020 RE-Enrollment Info for Returning Families

2019-2020 Application for New Sibling

2019-2020 Letter of Recommendation Form


January 1  Formal enrollment season begins.

February 1 NEW SIBLING APPLICATION DEADLINE:  Applications for NEW SIBLINGS (with accompanying records and documents) must be submitted by this date. Enrollment Assessment Testing for new siblings of returning students will take place in February. The school will notify applicants when they are to be tested.

February 15 FINANCIAL AID APPLICATION DEADLINE: If you are applying for financial assistance to help with tuition expenses for 2019-2020, you must complete a FACTS financial aid application and submit all required documentation to FACTS by February 15 in order to receive priority consideration for assistance.

NOTE: The FACTS application for 2019-2020 financial aid will require that you provide 2017 tax returns and 2018 W-2 statements. You will NOT need to complete your 2018 tax returns before completing the FACTS financial aid application.

Applications for financial assistance WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER THE ABOVE DATES and will be considered as the school has available funds.

February 26 ENROLLMENT CONTRACTS ISSUED: Enrollment contracts and acceptance letters will be issued by February 26. Notifications of financial assistance will be included in the contracts.

March 7 SIGNED ENROLLMENT CONTRACTS & DEPOSIT DUE: Enrollment contracts and deposits must be returned to the school. Returning families who do not submit their contract by this date will not be given priority in filling available spaces or priority in financial aid awards. Veritas will guarantee classroom placement and financial aid awards only if the contract and deposit are received by March 7.

One-twelfth (1/12) of the total tuition due must be paid as a deposit with the signed contract. Families who are currently making monthly payments may sign their contract and request a deferral on the one-twelfth deposit until June 1.

AFTER March 7 applications for admission and financial aid for returning and new families will be processed and considered as the school has openings and as financial aid funds are available.